Parlons-en : Press Release “Mother of the Matrix”

Press Release  “Mother of the Matrix”

Sophia Stewart Story





The case against the “Matrix” and the “Terminator” motion pictures traces the creator of the “Terminator” and the “Matrix” propelling the viewer into a hidden film world of illegal copyrighted works of some film producers. In this episode the viewer is introduced to an outstanding woman who is the author of the “Terminator” and the “Matrix” movies. The viewer is taken behind locked doors to witness a case that will forever go down in history. This is a story about how rich and powerful men infringed Sophia Stewart’s works. How Sophia Stewart discovered that her works had been plagiarized. Her struggle for recognition and how she has struggled to claim back her copyrighted works. The cold shoulders she received, and the resistance, and the ignorance portrayed by those involved. What is so amazing about this case is when the FBI tells Sophia that not only could they prove that Sophia wrote the Matrix, but that she was also the author of the “Terminator” trilogies. How Sophia battles the giants all by herself, and how she finds her lawyers and creates the RICO case. This episode tells the reader how ordinary people are lied to, and how we continue promoting lies through ignorance. Though most people believe that Sophia’s works were stolen based on racial hate, and though Ms. Stewart believes with all her heart that it was not because of racism. In her own words: ‘the intentions were based on pure greed and nothing else.’ This story gives the viewer some of the hidden knowledge behind the manuscript: “The Third Eye/Matrix/Terminator.


As for now, the Sophia Stewart Story is the biggest secret in Hollywood, yet there are millions of people all over the world that are following this case on the internet on a daily base. Soon she will be seen on television in hundreds of millions households worldwide.


Additional there are 3 books, “The Third Eye” (The original story), “The Mother of the Matrix” (The Sophia Stewart Story) and “Sophia Stewart, The Truth” (Memorabilia) ready for worldwide release. Currently, Sophia is working on her new movie project “Soul-less”.


This is not the end…

It’s just the beginning!

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